Discover Your Creative Side

Discover Your Creative Side

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Explore. Create. Discover. 

The Discover Your Creative side is a series of introductory workshops to encourage us to explore and try something new this season! These workshops will cover a wide variety of art disciplines that will challenge our traditional definitions of "art". All workshops feature local Sea to Sky artists who are committed to sharing their passion. 

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                             Accessible. Open.  

Discover Your Creative Side is a subsidized program that allows workshops to be financially accessible for our adventurous community with the goal in mind to promote artists, and inspire continued exploration in the arts and culture in our community. As a non-profit, the Arts Council is able to offer special, low-cost workshops to reach our program goals,

Through subsidy, we are able to offer pricing which is lower than industry standard for Discover Your Creative Side programs, with the idea that the workshops offered through this program are accessible and meant to encourage people to continue on their journey with local creatives and artists from our community post program.


There will be nearly 60 accessible programs over the course of November - April 2018 offered through the Discover Your Creative Side Program! Many of these course are still being finalized and we will update the site with new courses as soon as they are available! As a result some links may not be available just yet but stay tuned for more opportunities and check back often!

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